Sunday, October 09, 2011

First Day of School 2011

While I would like to be in denial that I now have a Kinder, Second and Sixth grader I'm trying to embrace it. They're growing up so quickly. Especially with Madalyn being in middle school - it's challenging for me to embrace the 'letting go' but it's wonderful to see who she is becoming on her own. It's sad that she doesn't sit with us at the football games, but hangs out with her friends in the end zone. I'm trying to just remind myself that means we've done a good job - she's happy, social and only comes to us at half time when she needs money. Ouch. Bristol LOVES school. He's gotten two notes home - one because he can count to 100, the other for good handwriting. Beck's only had one bad behavior note home, so we're taking that as a good sign. It's really nice to have them all in school, and my part-time schedule with BBBS is working out pretty well so far. Fingers crossed!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Halfway BirthRAY Partay 5

On July 9, 2011 we had the 5th Annual Halfway BirthRAY Partay at the pool in Kyle. It's always fun to get to see everyone and hang out. I love bringing our friends and family together from school, work, sports or wherever we adoopt them. :) Jeff and I worked on the soundtrack and it's a good one if I do say so myself.

Jeff goes Skydiving!

Madalyn and I attended the Austin Children's Museum and bought Jeff a skydiving lesson for Father's Day. He cashed it in a week later at Skydive San Marcos. He's crazy, but the pictures and the video are classic!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Madalyn is a 6th Grader

The girls, The Crew - my carpool kids this year, Madalyn, The fam, Jodi Wymore

I'm going to stay in denial for the summer that she's actually going to middle school next year. The 5th grade graduation at CHES was a lot of fun and I loved Jodi Wymore's speech. She asked the kids if they were a little scared, to which they replied 'yes'. She noted that when they leave 8th grade, they'll be a little scared, when they leave high school they'll still be a little scared. How true those words are, and we'll be scared for them. :) I'm so excited for her and all of her accomplishments - A Honor Roll all year, President's Scholar Award, Commended on TAKS, and was voted 'Best All Around Girl' by her classmates. This year was just a great all around experience to cap off the elementary school years. Man, time is just flying by.

Beck is now a 2nd Grader

It's a little scary, but we're done with another year of school. Beck is going to be a second grader in the fall and we couldn't be prouder of him. He tested into Gifted & Talented next year, is reading way beyond his grade level and is oddly accurate with his state capitols thanks to the iPad app 'Stack the States'. We took pictures of him with my parents that he took for Show&Tell, with his teacher Mr. Mika, and with his first grade girlfriend Zoe. He really matured this year and we are so proud of him. It's really hard to remember that he's only 7, but he's the best.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Madalyn in the Hays Free Press

Madalyn was featured in almost a full page article in the Hays Free Press this week for her back surgery. I'm not sure how long the link will be up, but it's fantastic and the printed version looks even cooler. They have her x-ray underneath it, so it looks really neat. We're saving a copy in her Accomplishments book - a special thanks to Mrs. Shultz for that amazing idea this year.

CHES 5th Grade Celebration

We're having to face the fact that Madalyn is going to middle school. As we gear up for 5th grade graduation, last day of school and the summer CHES celebrated the 5th graders with a party and dance at the school. The girls went shopping on Friday after school, a few of them went with boys (yikes!) and danced with boys at the party. Thankfully, Madalyn only danced with Jeff. But there's always next year to worry about. Madalyn is maturing into a beautiful young lady and we are so proud of her and everything that she's accomplished so far.

Baseball 2011

Beck played his first season of coach pitch and Bristol played his first season of t-ball this year at HYBSA. Beck's team came in third place for coach pitch, Bristol played in the non-competitive t-ball division which was a lot of fun.

Madalyn - Bridging and Bronze Star

At the Star Gala on May 15th, Madalyn and Troop 2283 were recognized and awarded their bronze star for the book that they read, made into a play and presented to 1,200 students at Pfluger & Carpenter Hill Elementary Schools. They performed 'The Bully Blockers Club' which helped show the effects of bullying and what you can do to handle the situation if you are being bullied. They did a fantastic job. Troop 2283 was also recognized as all 8 girls bridged from Juniors to Cadettes and will continue Girl Scouts as they enter middle school.

Beck at the Spelling Bee

Negley hosts a frist grade Spelling Bee each year. They do one within each class first and narrow each class down to 2 students, sending 14 to the final round. Beck won second place in the Spelling Bee in the seventh round. He and one other boy made it through round 6 with Beck spelling 'twelve'. The last round he went out by misspelling 'judge' - he got the d and the g backwards. It was awesome though and we were so proud of him for making it that far!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Talent on Parade

So 5 weeks after Madalyn's back surgery she was back competing with the Dimensions at Talent on Parade held at the Hays Performing Arts Center. She did a fanstastic job, competed in 5 dances and had so much fun being back with her friends. She also wanted to be back on that stage. Madalyn is one of the most beautiful and resilient people that I know, but the pictures speak for themselves.

Mother Goose play for Beck

The Negely 1st graders performed a Mother Goose themed play for parents. Mr. Mika's class performed Rock a Bye Baby. Beck did a great job and it's always fun to get to watch him in his natural habitat. He is so funny. Jeff also snapped some pics of his work on the wall by the class. I love the hand - it was inspired by their MLK project.