Sunday, October 09, 2011

First Day of School 2011

While I would like to be in denial that I now have a Kinder, Second and Sixth grader I'm trying to embrace it. They're growing up so quickly. Especially with Madalyn being in middle school - it's challenging for me to embrace the 'letting go' but it's wonderful to see who she is becoming on her own. It's sad that she doesn't sit with us at the football games, but hangs out with her friends in the end zone. I'm trying to just remind myself that means we've done a good job - she's happy, social and only comes to us at half time when she needs money. Ouch. Bristol LOVES school. He's gotten two notes home - one because he can count to 100, the other for good handwriting. Beck's only had one bad behavior note home, so we're taking that as a good sign. It's really nice to have them all in school, and my part-time schedule with BBBS is working out pretty well so far. Fingers crossed!

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